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The Board of Directors have been fielding many calls, texts, and emails regarding the recent news of TCC joining the BGYFL.  As Gary mentioned in the initial email regarding the transition, The Board did a thorough analysis of the area options.  BGYFL fit our program the best, for now, and for many seasons to come.  For a few seasons now, the registration numbers have been declining for a multitude of reasons.  Regarding TCC, most of our decline can be attributed to our community now being called “mature” We no longer have the massive subdivisions being built.  The families with kids that have moved on to High School or College are staying put.  With that being said, here are some common questions we have been answering.

  1. Will my son have a place to play? 
    A) Yes, every player will have a place/team to play.
  2. How many teams will there be?
    A) We are planning on two teams per age level.  The hope is that there will be more, but at least that.  A Gold team and a Silver team.  There is the potential to have 2 teams at each Gold or Silver level, depending on registration. 
  3. How are the teams selected?
    A) All participants will be evaluated at the same time.  There will no longer be a separate try out for what used to be “Travel” This process depends on how many participants we have at each level.  The Gold Coach will select the Gold team.  The board, to ensure balanced teams on the Silver Division, will divide the remaining participants up equally.  
  4. How does this affect Cheerleading?
    A) Cheer will be still be offered in both the Sideline (home games most likely) as well as the Competition teams.  Competition will compete in statewide IRCA competitions.  
  5. How will the Coaches be selected?
    A) Just like in the past, the Board will vet all volunteers to Head Coach.  This process includes, but is not limited to, past experience, end of year surveys, knowledge of the game.  
  6. What days do we play on and how many games will we play?
    A) Games will be played on either Saturday or Sunday.  Historically within the BGYFL, teams will play 9 regular season games.  Playoffs usually consist of 3 weeks. Our PigSkin Classic is Aug 8/11&12. The BGYFL regular season starts weekend of 8/25-26.
  7. Will there be a Super Bowl still, and what about National Tournaments?
    A) BGYFL does have an end of the year Playoffs, concluding at Benedictine University.  There is also the potential for other post BGYFL Tournament games.
  8. What is a “Striper”?
    A) A “striper” is someone that is over the “legal” running weight per division.  Players over this weight are still allowed to play with the same age kids; they are just not allowed to carry the ball.  There are also some rules as to where the stripers are available to play.  No kickoff or kick return.  As well as they can only play either the Defensive Line or Offensive Line.  These rules align with our old “in-house” rules.
  9. What are uniforms going to look like?
    A) There will be one home jersey and one away jersey.  Those are being redesigned as we speak, and we are positive the players will LOVE them.  
  10. Will Tri City Chargers still say true to their Core Principles?
    A) Yes, Tri City will still strive to maintain the highest player safety possible, along with player development.  
  11. When will evaluations be held?  
    A) All registered players will take part of evaluations at the same time, the first week of August (July 30th 2018)
  12. If I want to be a Head Coach, what do I do?
    A) Please email to put your name in for Head Coaching Opportunities.  Only Head Coaches will be named to start the season.
  13. If I would like to help with Cheer, what do I do?
    A) Please email to be put in contact with our Cheer Director

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